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We believe service comes first towards customers, towards each other, and towards our ecosystem. We believe in giving people the opportunity to learn, grow, and take on more responsibility. We believe that as Union Kitchen grows, people who want to work hard and build something real will have a chance to grow with us. 

This is your team page. Find what you need to be successful. 

Leadership Development: Explore your growth path 

Each level at Union Kitchen includes leadership training to prepare you with the skills you need to be successful in your role as well professional certificates paid for by Union Kitchen and a team-specific training checklist.

Below, you will find links to the certificates, checklists, and on demand leadership courses required at each level of growth. Promotions are rewards for people who go above and beyond, complete their leadership training checklists, excel in our ways to win, and further our mission of building successful food businesses. 

  • Level 2 Leadership - In Level 1, it is all about learning the tasks to contribute as an individual in our ecosystem at Union Kitchen. Level 2 adds to Level 1 with leadership tools.
  • Level 3 Leadership - In Level 3, you will apply the knowledge you learned in the previous levels towards training others. We will introduce how to effectively set expectations with SAT Tasks, what it means to train with the 3Ds, and provide reinforcing and corrective feedback with What-What-Why and What-Why. 
  • Level 4 Leadership - Level 4 is designed to equip you with what you need to successfully lead a shift or project at Union Kitchen. It builds on everything you've learned so far and introduces the Feedback Loop.
  • Level 5 Leadership - Level 5 provides you with the tools to be successful as a leader and a coach at Union Kitchen. We’re going to take all you've learned and practice more complex applications of these techniques and build on them to expand your toolkit to effectively lead others. 
  • Level 6 Leadership - We’ve covered a lot of leadership skills together already, from the OODA Loop and Backplanning to the Feedback Loop. In this next step of growth, we’re going to practice more complex applications of these techniques and build on them to expand your toolkit to effectively lead others.  

A Look at Total Compensation

 We are only as successful as our ability to execute, develop expertise, and grow together. All of this requires a deep commitment and investment in our team. These include industry leading base pay, a strong leadership development program, certification training and investments, and continued benefits.

Let's take a look at total compensation at Union Kitchen:

  • Base PayWe offer industry-leading base pay determined by your level at Union Kitchen. 
  • Benefits: These include health, dental, and vision coverage, time off, and paid-for professional certificates. Check out the full list of benefits here.  
  • Perks: Designed exclusively for team members at Union Kitchen, these programs and discounts help connect you with the resources to be your personal best. These include: free coffee + tea all time, 25% off all items in our stores, and more

Your Benefits

We know that the only way we are going to achieve our mission is by working as a team. We’ve developed a comprehensive set of benefits for full and part-time team members to compensate you for all of your hard work! Check out more details on your benefits here and a peek into a few of what we offer everyone at Union Kitchen:

  • Health Insurance - We’re committed to taking care of our team so that people at Union Kitchen can focus on taking care of our customers and achieving our mission! Our go-to health care plan is an affordable option rooted in prevention and healthy lifestyle choices.

Team Tools

  • Rippling: This is our people platform where you can find your paystubs, employee handbook, and request time-off.
  • Wheniwork: Use wheniwork to review your schedule and set your preferences. 
  • Mineral HR: Our all in one HR platform is both an information center for important documents as well as where you can connect with our dedicated HR team. 
  • Union Kitchen Food Founders PodcastFrom launch to national scale, we speak with our accelerator members about their challenges and triumphs throughout their journey to building successful CPG food businesses.

  • Startup Stories: Follow along with the many adventures as our accelerator members build their CPG businesses through our ecosystem.
  • Food Business Resources: Ready to geek out on food businesses? Check out our blog on everything food related from the history of CPG pioneers to the latest on food trends, ingredients, and product formulation. 

Scheduling FAQs

Our scheduling platform is your key to successful scheduling communication with your manager. Read through our Scheduling FAQs. And when in doubt, ask your manager.