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Scheduling FAQs

Our scheduling platform is your key to successful scheduling communication with your manager.

How do I set my availability?

Your availability is set based on what you indicated in your interview. If you need to change your availability, you must speak with your direct manager before doing so.

How far in advance are the schedules published?

2 weeks.

When can I ask for time off?

Time off requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance. You can request time off anytime, but a request is just a request. The more notice we have, the easier something is to accommodate and create a back plan.

How do I request time off?

All time-off requests are submitted through our payroll software, scheduling software, and directed to your manager for approval.

What do I do if the schedule is already published and I can't work my shift?

Once a schedule is published, it is your responsibility to get the shift covered.

  • Shift change requests must be submitted two days in advance of the changed shift and must be approved by the manager in writing and in the schedule app.
  • Use the “Shift Swap” feature in When I Work to see who is available and initiate the swap. Your direct manager must approve the swap request.
  • If no replacement can be found or the shift is not approved, then you must work your shift.

Can I drop a shift?

No. You are not permitted to drop shifts.

Who can edit my timesheet?

Union Kitchen uses time cards to keep track of the hours that people work. If you forget to clock in or out, it is your responsibility to communicate the issue to your direct manager in a timely manner, so as to not interfere with payroll processing.  Your direct manager is the only person authorized to edit time cards. If you’re a manager and there’s an error on your time card, talk to your direct manager.  No one is allowed to edit their own time cards.

Reviewing Timesheets

Managers are not authorized to eliminate time worked from an hourly member of their team, even if that person’s time worked is greater than scheduled. 

Issues with Payroll

If you have a payroll issue, contact your manager so they can gather information about the situation. If the manager is unable to solve the issue, they should contact their director for help solving the problem. If neither person is able to resolve the issue, the Director will determine the appropriate person to contact.