Phase One Group Sessions

We offer 14 group sessions in Phase One: Launch to Accelerator Brands. The group sessions cover the fundamental topics of launching a market-ready product and company.

Accelerator Orientation

In the first group session, you will get to know the entrepreneurs in your cohort, the Union Kitchen team, and what to expect in Phase One: Launch. Topics include exploring the four phases of growing a packaged goods company, learning tools, and much more! 

Mission and Core Values

You are going to have to work insanely hard at starting a business. Your customers are going to want to know why they should buy your product. Your team is going to want to know why they are doing what they are doing. For all of that, you need a mission and core values. 

Concept Part 1: Pain Point, Value Proposition, and Product

A concept defines what your business does (and does not do) through six interdependent elements. In this group session, we will focus on the first three: pain point, value proposition, and product for your business. 

Concept Part 2: Core Consumer, Market, and Brand

The second part of Concept explores the remaining three elements of a cohesive concept. We build off of concept part one to solidify your business concept through core consumer, market, and brand.

Concept PMP Practice

With your concept set, we turn to how to most effectively present your business to retailers, distributors, partners, customers, and everyone in between. We will introduce the concept of the PMP pitch. 

Concept Pitch

This is the final group session in 1.1 Concept. You will present your concept pitch to our leadership team and your fellow cohort members following the PMP format. The goal is to collect as much feedback as possible before you dive into technical execution. 

Introduction to Technical Execution

This group session introduces the timeline for launching a market-ready packaged product and how to execute the technical elements. You are taking your concept from 1.1 Concept and building your product.


We introduce the benefits of owning your manufacturing, work through a series of case studies on how people built their manufacturing lines, and start the process of backplanning from tabletop to continuous production.

Product Formulation

Learn the fundamentals of product formulation in this group session. We cover topics around shelf life, product stability, ingredients and ingredient sourcing, and packaging for safety.

Packaging and Design

In Packaging and Design, we cover the best practices for choosing, sourcing, and purchasing packaging. We also look at design from the distributor, retailer, and consumer perspective so you can get the most out of your product packaging on shelves!

Packaging Suppliers

There are many places to source packaging. How do you know who to buy your packaging from? What's a reasonable price? And how much should you order? We cover all of this and more in our group session on Packaging Suppliers.

Distribution and Retail

Learn how the world of distribution and retailers work from their purchasing motivations to product requirements and logistics of sales. We talk through what to expect in the local, regional, and national markets. 

Pricing and Sell Sheet

Pricing is a balance between what consumers are willing to pay and your costs. Understand the mechanics behind setting a market viable price in our Pricing and Sell Sheet group session. We will also introduce the sell sheet as a sales tool for introducing your product (and pricing) to distributors and retailers.

Sales: Three-Part Strategy

There are many ways to approach sales. At Union Kitchen, we use a three part sales strategy that engages retailers, distributors, and consumers through scalable systems.