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How to Create a Great Facebook Post

You’ve created your Facebook business page and now you’re wondering how best to engage your core consumer. This resource walks through tips to create great content for your business page. The success of your Facebook posts boils down to one concept: the content of your post must be interesting to your audience.

There are several ways to successfully engage your audience.

  • Ask a question. This is an easy way to receive feedback from your customer in a direct or non-direct way. You can ask questions as direct as “What’s your favorite product offering from us?” You can also ask questions to learn more about their behavior like “what is your go to afternoon snack?” We love indirect questions that focus on behaviors rather than opinions since people will often say one thing and then do another.


  • Tell a story. Consumers love to take a behind the scenes look at brands or learn more about a company’s brand identity. (Hint: You can think of your brand identity as the personality of your company if it were a person.) Be candid! Consumers want to support brands that have similar values and promote transparency. You can do this by sharing details about your company’s origin story, your mission and values, or why you’re passionate about your business. 

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  • Link to other content. This is a great way to build your brand recognition and expand your audience, while utilizing content you’ve already created. Post a link to your “about” page on your website to share your company story or link to a blog you wrote. You can write a short blurb about the content, or even copy the introduction of the content to share on Facebook.

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Once you’ve posted your content, how can you assess the performance of this content? There are several ways to evaluate performance. One way to do this is to view how many reactions and comments you received. You can also take advantage of several analytics resources Facebook offers for free. These include the number of impressions your post made, that is, the number of eyes that the post was in front of. When reviewing the performance of your content, there are other factors to keep in mind. Consider the type of content you posted, it’s likely that photos of your product will perform better than a stock image from Google. You can also look at the day and time that the post was published to see when your audience is online to measure the best times to publish your content.

Effectively utilizing social media can lead to brand recognition and growth, and ultimately, more sales. Assessing the success of your social media is an iterative process. Continually monitor the analytics and look at what your audience is receptive to. By reviewing this regularly, you will set your Facebook page up for success!