Freezer Use at Union Kitchen

Learn about our policy for using our Walk-In Freezer and Tunnel Freezer

Walk-In Freezers

Union Kitchen Walk-In Freezers are for storing already frozen items. Items entering the walk-in freezer must be at or below 40°F. Items above 40°F damage the walk-in freezers by raising the surrounding temperature. Slower freezing methods also lead to lower quality frozen products. 

What happens if I leave an item that is above 40°F in the walk-in?

There is a $50 food safety fine for anyone that brings in warm food into the walk-in. We want to make sure our walk-ins are food safe and functional for everyone to use.

What about speed racks in the walk-in?

Monthly speed racks are available to rent in the walk-in freezer. All items on the speed rack must already be at or below 40°F prior to storing in the walk-in. We do not offer in-progress speed racks. The Walk-In Freezers are for storage only. If your process requires freezing, we recommend checking out more information on our Tunnel Freezer.

I need to build a pallet.

Sounds like you received a large order. How exciting! Email us if you'd like to build a pallet in the freezer at

Tunnel Freezer

Our Tunnel Freezer is available for Accelerator Brands that require freezing as part of their production process. The Tunnel Freezer uses a cryogenic method, meaning the food is sprayed with liquid nitrogen and the product is frozen almost instantly. The faster freezing better preserves the food nutrients, structure, taste, and color. The Tunnel freezer is available for use for Accelerator brands after training.

Members are responsible for their own liquid nitrogen.

I'm interested. What's next?

  • Reach out to
  • Receive approval for use by Union Kitchen
  • Schedule training with Union Kitchen's Food Safety Manager
  • Order liquid nitrogen through Robert's Oxygen
  • Schedule use of the Tunnel Freezer

Where do I get liquid nitrogen?

We recommend Robert's Oxygen 

What does it cost to use the tunnel freezer?

Nothing! The tunnel freezer is free to use for Accelerator Members once trained and scheduled. You will pay for storage for the liquid nitrogen canisters and the liquid nitrogen itself.

Is liquid nitrogen safe?

Liquid nitrogen has been used for years in food manufacturing and is common in flash freezing. It leaves no traces, does not have any scent or color, and is non-toxic.