Storage FAQs

How do I change my storage?

Since monthly memberships are recurring, monthly storage changes are ONLY made once the Storage Form has been completed.  The form can be accessed using the link above, QR codes around our Kitchen, on our website, or by emailing

What happens if I add monthly storage halfway through the month?

No problem! We are happy to get you all set up. Please be aware that we do not pro rate so you are responsible for the full month payment regardless of the start date. For example, if someone requests a monthly shelf on March 21st, they are responsible for paying for the entire month of March.  

Can I switch my weekly storage to monthly?

Yes and no. Once you have been billed for weekly storage, you cannot retroactively switch to monthly. You may switch from weekly to monthly storage going forward, however. For example, if you received a weekly storage charge and know you will continue to need that storage, you may request a monthly storage option using the storage form.

What is the Storage Form?

The storage form is how you request a modification to your storage. You can add or subtract your storage footprint all in the same location! We also have QR codes around the kitchen that will allow you to adjust your storage directly.

Do I have to have storage?

Yes. All Members are required to have a minimum of two shelves as storage (or the equivalent of $200). Cages and pallets count as the two shelves. You may add or modify anything beyond the minimum required $200. 

Can I bring in my own speed rack?

Only Union Kitchen speed racks may be used in the space. If you are interested in a speed rack, we are happy to set you up with one. Please submit your request using our storage form.

Can I reduce the number of pods I have?

Of course. We require a thirty-day notice period for the following billing cycle from the date we receive the storage form request. For example, if you request a reduction from 2 to 1 pods in the middle of March, it would go into effect for your May membership.