Receiving Practices

Receiving Policy

We receive and send out a large number of deliveries everyday from packaging to ingredients and everything in between. Our receiving policy is in place to ensure the smooth movement of items in and out of our facility.

Our policy is:

  • Receiving Hours: Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm
  • Pallet Pickups and Deliveries: Pickups and deliveries should be scheduled 24 hours in advance by emailing

Pallet-Sized Deliveries

Pallets are great! They significantly improve the speed at which items are moved by turning individual items into one larger unit load. Unlike smaller deliveries, pallets require opening our receiving door. To use the receiving door for a pallet-size delivery:

  • Communicate the scheduled delivery in advance by emailing
  • Notify the Food Safety General Manager at the time of the delivery 

**Only the Food Safety General Manager may open the receiving door Monday through Friday. 

Standard Deliveries

We ensure that your delivery is placed in the appropriate temperature zone. However, we recommend for you to be present to accept your own deliveries whenever possible. We do not sign for deliveries or check for quality, quantity, or damage to products and you are responsible for storing your delivery on your labeled storage.

What do I do outside of the receiving hours?

The door to the side of the receiving room is available for use outside of the 8am-3pm weekday schedule to accommodate smaller deliveries.