Preferred Partners

At Union Kitchen, we understand the importance of having reliable and trustworthy partners to help accelerate the growth of your brand. That's why we have carefully curated a list of preferred partners who have a proven track record of success and share our values and commitment to quality.

For the full list of suppliers, check out our Supplier Directory.


Honeycomb | Ask us for an introduction! 

  • About: Honeycomb is a crowdfunding platform structured as loans. Honeycomb Credit connects your business to the crowdfunding community. You can raise anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000. 
  • Best for: Phase One - Phase Three 
    **requires a a minimum of 250 social media followers and a high level of engagement  


NITID Studio | Fernando Arenda, (make sure to tell them you are part of Union Kitchen)

  • About: Experienced CPG designer with the ability to create logos, packaging design, and brand identity work 
  • Best for: Phase One - Phase Two  

Data, Deduction, and Inventory Management

TrewUP | Kyle Barnholt, Co-Founder & CEO, Ask us for contact info by emailing

  • About: TrewUP is a deduction management platform that provides you with a 30,000 foot view of where, when, and how money is spent with UNFI, KeHE, and other major distributors
  • Best For: Phase Three and Up (anyone on UNFI or KeHE needs this)

SPINsAsk us for a contact by emailing 

  • About: Harness the power of SPINS insights to optimize performance and drive competitive advantage
  • Best For: Phase Three+

Ingredients & Food Science

Ingredion | Ask us for a contact by emailing 

  • About: Full service ingredient supplier that specializes in starches, proteins, sweeteners, and more!
  • Best For: All Phases

Prova USAMelanie Breitner,
  • About: Ingredient specialist in sweet brown flavors and extracts
  • Best For: Any products that use brown flavors (baked), All Phases   


Secure CPG | Will Totten, 

  • About: Better risk management for modern CPG Brands 
  • Best For: Phase Two+ 
    **particularly important when you onboard with regional and national distributor


Ritter Law | Christopher J. Sullivan, | LOCAL VENDOR

  • About: Trademark Specialist
  • Best For: Phase One+


Atlas Containers | DJ Holston, | LOCAL VENDOR

  • About: Manufacturer of high quality packaging and display products
  • Best For: Phase One+ 

Stephen GouldEvan Churchville,

  • About: Packaging broker that can handle all types of packaging and design with extensive CPG experience 
  • Best For: Phase One+ 
    **brokers are helpful when first starting and are unsure of what is available to you
Wolfparc | Tunde Ademuyiwa, Referral Code: UNION45
  • About: Subscription based digital print options for packaging
  • Best For: Phase One - Phase Two 
    **we recommend switching to traditional print once ordering over 15,000 at a time

360 Containers | Joel Thorn, | LOCAL VENDOR

  • About: Glass, bottles, and labels  
  • Best For: All Phases


Check out our full list of Suppliers in our SUPPLIER DIRECTORY