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Membership Access Type FAQs

Can I upgrade my membership access?

Yes! You can upgrade at any time. If you would like to switch in the middle of the month, you are responsible for the entire month since we do not pro-rate. Changes to membership access type are only made once we receive a completed Membership Access Type form. 

Can I reduce my membership access?

No problem! We require a 30 day notice to reduce your level of access type for the following billing cycle. For example, if you request to switch from full-time to nights & weekends in the middle of March, it would go into effect for your May membership. Additionally, 30 days of notice are required per level of access fee, so if a member wants to change membership levels from Full-Time to 4-Pack, it would take 90 days of notice.

I need to produce just for the day but I am not a full-time member. What options do I have?

We offer a Day Pass. Day Passes are $150/ea and there is a limit of three per month. The Day Pass means that you may produce for the day in the communal area even if you are not a full-time member. If you are interested, fill out the Day Pass form. Once we receive your payment, you are welcome to use the space for the day!