Four Phases to Build to Last

Our Accelerator works through four phases to help build food businesses to last: Launch, Product Market Fit, Growth, and Scale. Through our four phases, we support sustainable growth by launching locally, growing regionally, and scaling nationally. To do so, our brands achieve product market fit and saturate the local market before growing regionally, and nationally. We coach our brands on establishing the right margins for their product, and building a tailored channel strategy to grow the right way. 

Phase One: Launch

Launch is about building a cohesive concept, executing the technical elements of a market-ready product, and launching into the market.

Phase One includes a 16-week program divided into three sections:

  • 1.1 Concept: Define a mission, core values, and the six interdependent elements of a cohesive concept: pain point, value proposition, product, core consumer, market, and brand  

  • 1.2 Technical Execution: Execute technical elements, including product development (formulation + manufacturing), packaging, and pricing  

  • 1.3 Launch: Tie everything together through channel strategy, sales, and preparing for product review

Phase One includes:

  • Group Sessions covering topics like Mission & Core Values, Concept, Pricing, Retail, Distribution, and more
  • Access to On-Demand Courses covering topics like Licensing, Packaging, Product Formulation, Distribution, and more
  • 1 Launch Playbook 
  • 4 Coaching Sessions 
  • 2 Workbooks (Pricing and Launch Checklist)
  • Access to Knowledge Base

We expect Accelerator Brands to complete Phase One in 4 months


Phase Two: Product Market Fit

Product Market Fit is learning what consumers want and how to deliver that consistently through scalable systems, team building, and leveraging our ecosystem.

  • 2.1: Product is officially launched in stores!
  • 2.2: $50,000 12 Month Sales 
  • 2.3: $100,000 12 Month Sales 

Phase Two includes:

  • Kick-Off Series of Strategy Sessions on Sales, Manufacturing, and Finance with Union Kitchen’s leadership team to best position your company to saturate the local market 
  • Our Ecosystem:
    • Launch into Union Kitchen Stores to leverage market data and consumer feedback as well as generate early sales

    • Access to Union Kitchen Distribution that works closely with area retailers, distributing over $2mm in local products in 2022

    • Leverage our manufacturing facilities, USDA-organic and USDA-meat inspected with HACCP and PCQI experts on staff, to own and scale your manufacturing

  • Mentorship with industry leading partners in manufacturing, supply chain, product formulation, and sales

  • Fundraising Support

    • Investment Workbook/Investment Network to hundreds of angel investors and groups

  • Unlimited access to Knowledge Base that includes over 400 articles, webinars, and guides from industry experts on everything CPG

  • Sales:

    • Tastings and pitch opportunities with a variety of buyers in specialty and conventional 

    • Access to real-time sales data in all Union Kitchen stores and distribution broken down by category and sub-category, providing meaningful data in pitches to retailers and distributors supporting regional and national growth

    • Ongoing support on product launches through our Product Review, including direct feedback from our executives and store teams

Phase Three: Growth

Growth is expanding a product that has achieved regional product market fit and building the operations to support that.

This phase focuses on running teams and organizing around your mission.

  • 3.1: $150,000 12 Month Sales 
  • 3.2: $300,000 12 Month Sales 
  • 3.3: $500,000 12 Month Sales 

Phase Three includes:

  • Advisory as needed on manufacturing, facility build out and management, and team management
  • Programmatic elements on hiring and team building, including training playbooks and team checklists
  • Introductions to regional and national distributors (at the discretion of Union Kitchen),
  • Access to the regional and national grocer list
  • Investment course
  • Support on raising capital
  • Access to Knowledge Base

Phase Four: Scale

Scale is achieving national market penetration by outselling the leading competitors

We bring our operational expertise and network to assist in making real choices about brands, typically building manufacturing facilities, raising money, and exit planning.

  • 4.1: $1,000,000 12 Month Sales 

Phase Four includes: